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Office 365 Sharepoint connector

 The online help for Office 365 Sharepoint connector


only lists a handful of the table options for this connector.

SubSites, Lists , Groups, UsersInGroup

and  it does not even mention at all any of the other items which include:

ListItemsFromID, ListItemsFromIDAsXml, GetDataFeed, ListFolders, ListFiles, GetFile, OtherData.

If you do a product documentation search for ListItemsFromID, there are zero results found.

The documentation should list all the these table items and  also give some explanations for each.  Additionally, the existing documentation for this topic is too weak, there is one phrase or one sentence for each of the tables that are listed. There should be a few examples posted for each of these to explain how they work.

Does anyone have any info that they can share on what these undocumented options are in the sharepoint connector, and how they can be used?