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QLIK Desktop doesn't map json field correctly from JIRA


I'm studying Qlik Sense Desktop and I'm generating charts from JIRA cloud (REST). The basic datas such as issues, priorities, status, etc are working. However there is a field (customfield type select list) that didn't map.

See below.

The following Json code was extracted using JSON Viewer from Chrome, accessing link:


The customfield values, almost all them are null, but when I change the page the datas from field appears. (I using offset configuration for pagination and this config it's works).


"customfield_11001": {

          "self": "https://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.atlassian.net/rest/api/2/customFieldOption/10622",

          "value": "Homologação",

          "id": "10622"



The Qlik should be shows that field with three columns, but anyway it didn't get mapping all of datas.

See the imagem below.

Qlik - print - customfield.PNG

Note: I using the option "no limit" from field "preload symbols count"

Thank you in advanced

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Re: QLIK Desktop doesn't map json field correctly from JIRA

Hi Guys,

I did an analysis, I used Qlik in my personal network (my home) and it worked perfectly. So my problem is in my company network (Proxy and Firewall).

I don't know the specific problem yet (which ips and ports I need add in proxy and firewall), but when I find out I'll post it the solution.

If someone know, I'd like that post it an solution (or hints).

Thank you in advanced.