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Qlik Chat Bot - API Integration !!

I am very new to qlik development, how ever i have seen a video of how we can leverage QLIK api's for coming up with a conversational bot.

Now my question is is it possible to directly make a call on the qlik engin and fetch the required data / visualizations / reports as a response for a bot.

How do i integrate the QLIK API's as a response for my chat bot

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Re: Qlik Chat Bot - API Integration !!

Hi Karthik,

     I suggest you to join the Chatbot group here: Qlik ChatBots, and also to attend the Qlik Summer School to watch my session about Chatbots to see some use cases for these technologies integrated with Qlik Sense.


     Juan Gerardo

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Re: Qlik Chat Bot - API Integration !!

Hi Juan,

Thank you, will attend Qlik Summer School and check the session out.

Best Regards,

Karthik Tadepalli