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Qlik Office 365 Sharepoint Connector - How to retrieve version history from SharePoint List

Hi All,

I am using Qlik o365 SharePoint Connector to pull the data  from SharePoint list. When we are puling the data it shows only the current item not the version history. Is there any way to retrieve the version history from SharePoint list ?

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Qlik Office 365 Sharepoint Connector - How to retrieve version history from SharePoint List


Yes, this should be possible.

If within QWC you can identify the file that you want the version history of, then if you look in the response for that file you'll see a field called Versions_Feed. This can then be used in the DataFeed table to see the revision history.

So, assuming that the connector is authenticated, here's a step by step example.

  1. I have an excel file in a folder, which has 4 revision history entries in Sharepoint
  2. Go to the ListFiles table and in the Folder box, enter the folder that the file can be found. In my case i enter /Shared Documents/DB test folder
  3. This returns all the files in that folder. I find the one i want called book.xlsx and scroll to the right looking for a field called 'Versions_Feed'. Copy the value, which will look something like "Web/GetFileByServerRelativePath(decodedurl='/Shared%20Documents/DB%20test%20folder/Book.xlsx')/Versions"
  4. Go to the GetDataFeed table and paste this value in to the feed box and hit run.
  5. I see that there are 3 rows returned representing the stats of the previous 3 revisions.

A point here, in Sharepoint there were 4 revision entries, but 1 of these represented the current version. The connector returned the 3 previous revisions and not the current version, because you get those stats from the ListFiles data that's returned in point 3 above.

I hope this makes sense and helps. If not, let me know.


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