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Qlik - Salesforce Connection

Good morning,

I would like to know more in depth the possibilities that are available when connecting Salesforce and Qliksense.

We are currently working to connect both of them and it would be of great help to know if once the connection is done we could create dashboards freely based on a new object and tab in Salesforce.

Is it possible to create fields that will be updated with data in Qlik sense?

Thanks a lot in advance!!

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Re: Qlik - Salesforce Connection

Hi Cristina,

Once the connection is set up and authorised you can make calls against SalesForce in exactly the same way as you do against a SQL database.  This includes calling custom tables that you add to SalesForce.

One thing to watch is that you will need to log in to SalesForce using a browser on the machine that you will be running Qlik Sense on.  If you are running Enterprise you will need to RDP to the server and login to SalesForce from there.  That is a one off thing, and then SalesForce will be happy with that machine.

Hope that helps,


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