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Qlik web connector 2.2 Installable

Hello All,

I am a newbie to Qlik sense, I am exploring on google sheet integration with Qlik Sense. So far I have use Qlik Web Connector 2.1 and it worked like a charm. It stopped working for 1st June 2017 reason being 2.1 was deprecated. When I search for 2.2.zip version I am not able to find, I have gone through the documentation Installing Qlik Web Connectors ‒ Qlik Connectors

To my surprise, I couldn't find connector tab. Below is the screen for your reference.QlikWebconnector.JPG

Annoying part is the link which is part of the Qlik Web Connector 2.2 release notes is not present over web


Info/Version-2-2.htm>> kicked out with Page not found error.

If there anything that I am missing? Can anyone help me with the QlikWebConnector2.2.x.zip. Please let me know if information is required

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Re: Qlik web connector 2.2 Installable


To download from the Qlik site you need to be logged in as a Customer or a Partner.  If you are one of these are you don't see the correct download page when logged in you should contact your Partner, or if you are a Partner your Partner Manager at Qlik.

If you are just using the free connectors with Sense Desktop or QlikView PE then you may be a bit stuck.

The links for the latest version and it's documentation are:



Make sure you read the upgrade steps carefully, as it is possible to mess up your installation by overwriting some of the files in your QWC folder on upgrade.

Hope that helps.


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Re: Qlik web connector 2.2 Installable

Hello Steve,

Yes, I am using free connectors. That could be the reason. Thanks a lot for sharing the URL's for installable and Release notes.

I will take extra care while performing the upgrade.

Once again thanks a ton!



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Re: Qlik web connector 2.2 Installable

Hi Steve,

I tried to upgrade from 2.1 to 2.2 but I haven't succeeded. Is there any chance of removing 2.1 and configure 2.2?

Facing issues with registry or some other supporting files.


Prashanth Reddy D.


Re: Qlik web connector 2.2 Installable


Thanks for your help as always!


Re: Qlik web connector 2.2 Installable

Hi Prashanth,

I see that you've started a new thread about your upgrade issue, here:

Unable to Unistall Qlik Webconnector (Service)

So, we'll move this part of the conversation there.


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