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QlikView Data load issue from HANA Database[on cloud]- Taking longer time to fetch the data

Hi all,

 I'm facing a serious performance issue regarding data loading into QlikView[on premises server] from HANA on cloud server.

for 10 milion record QlikView is taking almost 3 hours for time.

Previously when HANA server and QlikView server was on premises then it was taking less than 10 min of time to load around 24milions of record.

After our HANA server went to cloud we are facing this problem. and everyday with increasing record its increasing loading time by 3min.

Everyday we are doing drop and reload for data refresh, can not do


my QlikView server is configured with 64 gb of RAM 2.30GHz and 64bit Windows 2012 Server.

and its a dual server installation for QlikView 12

We don not have any other activities other than this data loads in the server so server is always free.

We use 64bit ODBC connector to connect to HANA database.


Please help me if there is any suggestion or solutions!!