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REST connector POST parameters

I am very new to QV and trying to set up a REST connection.  I am hitting a problem when I Connect using POST with parameters in the body - e.g.

{"lookupName": "Last Updated by Status"}

I get a successful response when I press "Test Connection" but when I press "Select..." I get (400)Bad Request because it looks like the curly brackets have been dropped from the request body.

Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong? 



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Re: REST connector POST parameters

I think this must be a bug, but I think I've worked around it:

I enclosed the JSON string in square brackets:

[{"lookupName": "Last Updated by Status"}]

This allowed me to SELECT columns which was some progress, but when I tried to reload the application responded that the JSON syntax was wrong.  Again, it looks like the opening curly bracket has been dropped.  

Then I recreated the Connect string via the wizard, keeping the Select statement from my previous attempt and it worked.

So it looks like the wizards trim off the first character of the request body.