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REST connector with PipelineDeals API

Hi !


I'm trying to connect Qlik Sense with the API of PipelineDeals, on online CRM.

The API limits to 200 items per request as their API documentation state. I've tried to configure the pagination part by looking at their documentation (linked above) but failed miserably as I received the following error message when charging the data :

pld rest error.PNG




I've reached the customer service of PipelineDeals and they advised me to change it to "root/pagination/pages ". But it's still a failure. Here are the parameters of the rest conenctor :pld rest url.PNGpld rest 2.PNGpld rest 4.PNGpld rest pagination parameter.PNG


































In the Query Parameter I have the "api_key" of my PipelineDeals account.


Has any of you an idea ? Or have already tried (and hopefully succesfully) connected PipelineDeals to Qlik Sense ?


Thanks for your help