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Using SharePoint REST API with QlikView REST Connector

Hello all,

I try to export data from SharePoint lists with the QlikView REST Connector and the SharePoint REST API (using OData).

None of my attempts has worked so far.

I’ve tried to connect to the SharePoint REST API with following URL: http://MYSHAREPOINTSITE/_api/web/Lists('MYGUID')/Items

The connection works, but I don’t get all data fields of the SharePoint list. There always missing some data fields.

Can anyone tell me how to configure the QlikView REST Connector to export a complete SharePoint list with the SharePoint REST API (I also want to export data fields that are not displayed on the Interface)?

Does anyone already have a solution/example for this issue?

Maybe I can get some useful information from it.

(PS: I'm using qv 12.10 and QvRestConnector 1.4.)

Best regards,


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Re: Using SharePoint REST API with QlikView REST Connector

try adding /items?$top=100000 to the end of your URL