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Using web connector to outlook365(beta)


 I’m trying to download the emails massively from various outlook365 accounts using the web connector for outlook365 (beta), but I can only do it one at a time because I have to put the credentials by hand into the microsoft login, then connect to a given table that returns a token that I have to manually copy and paste back into the connector, and I can finally generate a piece of script to paste into Qlikview/Sense.

I mean, I can only go one at a time because there is an important manual job. If any of you have already stuck with this and have reached to get emails from multiple accounts at once, I would appreciate your feedback.

Thank you.

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Once you have authenticated the Outlook365 connector and generated the load script, you should be able to paste that into your Qlik app and reload as often as you like. You just need to make sure Qlik Web Connectors is left up and running and accessible from the place your reload is running - typically by running it as a windows service:


Does that help? Maybe I misunderstood your question.