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Working with OData relational data


I'm having some difficulty working with relational data through OData. For example: imagine I have a Product collection which has a simple relationship with a VAT collection. One Product always has a relationship to one VAT.  When I try to retrieve the Product collection with expanded VAT data (through $expand=VAT) I get a table which looks like the following:

idNameVATRef_EntryVAT percentage
3VAT 20%20%
4VAT 20%20%

So instead of adding the columns from the expanded VAT data to the Product rows it gets put into new rows. So I end up with a freak table that now has Product and VAT rows for every reference that exists. Am I overlooking something here? Can I retrieve a Product table with VAT percentage on the same row?

Perhaps unrelated but what is the use of the _Feed and _Entry columns? The connector states that these can be used as new inputs for resource parameters. But these column names are generated by the connector and probably don't exist as resource path on the service. So I now have _Feed and _Entry columns which contain the href values with which I can do.. nothing? Is there any documentation on this subject? I could only find this page: https://help.qlik.com/en-US/connectors/Subsystems/Web_Connectors_help/Content/Data-Source-Connectors... which doesn't help.

Looking for any help anyone can offer on working with relational data coming out of an OData source

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