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bigQuery costs when exporting to Qlik

Hi all.

I'm working on a project that consists of receiving data in BigQuery, do some aggregations and export it to Qlik Sense to make dashboards. I'm still on a exploratory phase with only a few Gb of data but I want to calculate how much I will pay to export data from BigQuery to an external platform in a production phase.
When I pass data from Cloud Storage buckets (where the data comes from) to BigQuery, data compression occurs, i.e., the tables in bigQuery occupy less space than in the buckets of Cloud Storage.
Thus, my question is, when I then export the data from BigQuery to an external paltform, what volume of traffic will be considered? The data's original size (before compression), or the size (compressed) it has on bigQuery?
Will the egress(export) volume depend on the format that Qlik uses to export the data? If yes, what is the format Qlik uses to export the data?

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