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reloading Qlikview Project automatically with a 5 min Timer 24h /24h

I'm using a personal edition . I succeed reloading my project ,setting what ever timer I want : works perfectly . :ok_button: the objective is to let my project open 24h/24h , with out shutting my screen . the problem is : when I go to check it the next day , I found the interface opened but with out response until I end its process from the management process and restart my project qlikview . First question : is there a number limited for the reloading ? and if the personal edition have a hand in this ? scnd question : Or is it just a connexion problem with my MySQL database causes problem after a long opening time or refreshing data ? thrd question : Rama process system prob ? thankful for any help or attention please I need your help . :slightly_smiling_face: