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About this Space


About this Space

This space has been set up with the intention of making it a great place for Qlik Web Connector users to stop by and find out how they can get most out of the product, give us feedback, share ideas, find links to relevant content elsewhere and submitting ideas for new connectors.

With that in mind we ask that you only post content that is relevant to the Qlik Web Connectors, so please do not use this for general Qlik questions such as help with expressions or other connectors such as ODBC, REST or SAP connectors.

We obviously want all users to get the help they need across all Qlik's products, but there are more appropriate groups and spaces for these. So we kindly ask that you use them instead because we will remove non-relevant content in the interests of keeping this area specific to just the Qlik Web Connectors.


The Qlik Web Connectors Team.

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