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Troubleshooting Qlik Web Connectors


Troubleshooting Qlik Web Connectors

If you're experiencing a few problems, please review the troubleshooting points below before you contact Qlik Support.

Startup Issues

Whenever you start, or attempt to start Qlik Web Connectors, you should find a log file in the root folder called Startup_Log.txt or you can launch it from the initial Qlik Web Connectors’ startup form

If you’re running Qlik Web Connectors as a service, then this will be called Service_Startup_Log.txt.

On inspecting this file you may be able to see why it’s not starting up correctly from any messages here.

If you do contact Qlik support, then it would be useful to send this log file along with your submission.

Checking the Status of Qlik Web Connectors

If Qlik Web Connectors is running, in a web browser on the local machine, you should be able to browse to http://localhost:5555/data, which will give you a status of Qlik Web Connectors including the version number and which connectors are licensed.

Multiple Instances Not Supported

By default, Qlik Web Connectors will only support running one instance at a time. If you get an error message indicating this then it maybe because you have accidentally launched multiple instances. To see where these are running from try browsing to http://localhost:5555/data which will give you the path of the qlikwebconnectors.exe that’s being used.

If it still happens, then use Windows Task Manager to close all instances of Qlik Web Connectors.

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