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Hello! Info from the VoC team!

As this is my very first post in this Customer Success area, I’ll keep it short and sweet.


My name is Mattias Malré. I live in Lund, Sweden and have been with Qlik since 2013.

I am working in the Customer Success organization at Qlik as the Global Voice of the Customer Manager. In this role I am capturing your feedback and turn it into actionable items.


One of my tasks is to conduct the annual Qlik Customer Relationship Survey. It goes out to thousands of people and gives us an indication of how we’re doing in areas like our products, services and our customers’ overall satisfaction with us. Furthermore the survey comments (also called the “Survey Gold” among us survey nerds) spotlight areas where we need to focus more attention to improve.


“Asking is only the beginning” – This is the mantra I live (well, “work”) by. Once we get the feedback we need to react to it, inform the different departments and drive improvements to ultimately make your happier. And then also tell you about the cool things that happened thanks to your sentiment.


This blog will showcase our Voice of the Customer strategy, both long and short term and how we work to manage all aspects of the feedback we receive to drive change.


I will personally post new content, but I’ll also invite other colleges within the Customer Success organization to contribute to this blog space.


Have a great day, it was nice to meet you.