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Hello all

The Qlik Customer Relationship Survey went out in November 2019 and since then the VoC team has been working hard in making the most of your voice. We’ve read through thousands of comments. Several times. We’ve closed the loop with those that asked for a follow-up. We’ve identified main themes from your feedback and visualized it all in a beautiful Qlik Sense application (of course). And we’ve presented your voices back to Qlik’s Leadership team.

To all of you that took the Customer Relationship Survey: THANK YOU! You’re helping us to shape Qlik into the company you want it to be.

A VoC success story

Let’s back up a bit. The 2018 Customer Relationship Survey received a lot of hype at Qlik where departments reached out to the VoC Team to learn more about how they can include the voice of the customer deeper into what they do.
Especially Fabrice Dreneau, the Vice President of Customer Success Management (CSM), was a passionate fan of VoC and closely monitored all types of survey responses from CSM Accounts. He used VoC as an input channel to shape the CSM organization to what it is today. Truly maintaining the “outside-in” mindset I’ve mentioned so many times before.

For example the CSMs Adam Jennings (Qlik EMEA) and Joseph Hale (Qlik Americas) have set new high standards of displaying customer centricity when working with their accounts.
They put their customers’ best interest in the center of everything they do and align their customers’ business needs with Qlik’s capability to meet them. They maintain an open partnership with their accounts and continuously ask for feedback, act on it and then close the feedback-loop – a trait that has made them greatly appreciated among their customers.

As an example, one of Joe's customers provide guided embedded analytics solutions. While the user experience was great, the users wanted more control to ask additional questions. Typically they would export the data and explore in Excel. By understanding that sentiment, Joe recommended Qlik's Natural Language Processing to unlock analytics for more types of users in a self-service fashion improving productivity and allowing the customer to win new business. Joe and the customer are now innovating with Qlik’s Natural Language Understanding working directly with Qlik R&D and their Qlik Customer Success Engineer. 

I asked Adam what mantra he works by and he said:

“I am never satisfied until my customers are willing
to tell other people how good we are.
If they're not doing that, I have - in my eyes
- not done a good enough job.”

When we asked you again in the 2019 Customer Relationship Survey to tell us about your Qlik journey, customers with a CSM showed a spectacular increase in their Net Promoter Score by 19 points (!!!). Listening pays off.

The story doesn’t end here

We kicked off 2020 with the launch of Qlik Signature Success, which is Qlik’s personalized and prescriptive path to success with all-inclusive, always-on strategic services. Plus we launched the industry’s first Data Literacy Consulting Service to empower your organization to unleash your data potential. Two answers to customers giving us feedback on their onboarding and adoption experience and their unique challenges along the way.

We continue to be in close collaboration with not only the CSMs and Product Management but all departments at Qlik to see how we can build out our feedback loops connecting you, our customers, with the heartbeat of Qlik.
Keep the feedback coming, we listen and we act.


All the best

Want to learn more about Qlik Signature Success and Data Literacy Consulting Service? Check out this blog post.


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Nice work Mattias and the VoC team. Way to close the loop!