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We ask to improve



While the importance of a working VoC program is obvious to the majority of people I talk to, one statement I make always seems to make them think twice. I say: “Don’t ask questions in areas where you are not willing to change.” If for some reason, you’re not prepared to take the feedback and improve on the spotlighted areas, then don’t even ask to begin with.
I’m sometimes met with initial silence, but everyone ultimately stands behind the statement that we don’t want to waste our customers’ time for no reason.


We ask to improve

We are eager to change, adopt and strive to be the best. In acknowledging that I’m not the smartest person in the room that sit on all the answers, I turn to our customers to tell me where we should improve and focus our initiatives to add even more value to their investments. We then use customer feedback to weigh in as a baseline for recommendations to the different departments within the company (Support, Product Roadmap, finance etc.).

Just last month we had an opportunity to collaborate with a company called Medair for a survey regarding the Qlik Sense Business Free Trial. That meant that for each completed survey Qlik donated money to Medair, which ended up in a total of $2000 USD.
Not only did we have the opportunity to help people, but we also got great insights on the Qlik Sense Business Free Trial experience at the same time. These insights helped us improve the offering to our customers. A couple of examples of improvements are:

  • Improvements on the ease of Extending your Trial period.
  • We bumped the inclusion of the Dropbox Connector offering (will now be live in the November release, keep an eye on the Product Innovation Blog for an upcoming announcement)
  • Continued focus on the “Getting started” material.


Launching today!

Today we’re launching the Customer Relationship Survey that goes out to a large number of customers. The responses we receive from this survey helps us benchmark us against the industry and will hopefully spotlight areas where we can still improve and do better.
If you’re to receive this survey I would very much urge you to provide your candid and honest feedback. I personally read all comments and there is a huge interest within all departments of Qlik to know more about what our customers say about us. An interest I can promise you goes all the way up to the very top of the company.


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