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Chart Focus- More relevance in Chart

Hi people,

Did you know if it's possibile to get more specific focus (zoom, more relief) when clicking in a chart? If's not, did you have any other suggestion to get more relevance when clicking in chart?

Thank you

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Re: Chart Focus- More relevance in Chart

Clicking meant that something will be selected and on this selections - for example with querying of getfieldselections, getcurrentselections, getselectectedcount - could be react with manipulating of sheet- and object-visibilities or with actions.

An alternatively to them could be to use dimensions drill-groups and maybe the one or another condition of dimensions/expressions which show additionally informations to them - multline content could be discovered by hoovering with the mouse. Are really layout-accentuations intended then you will need extensions for this. Maybe this is helpful:

Is there any hover effects in Qlikview ?

How to create a mouse-over over fields?

possible to create table with mouse-over using extension?

- Marcus

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Re: Chart Focus- More relevance in Chart

Marcus thank you for your response!

I already have the drill down over the dimensions, what I'm trying to look up its put a specific chart with more destak, like getting more zoom or other some dynamic.

Re: Chart Focus- More relevance in Chart

I think then taht you will need an extension for this like Qlik Sense - Pivot Table Extension which is for Sense but nevertheless it might be useful starting-point.

- Marcus

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