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Custom sort order


How can create a custom sort order for a particular column in list box?

I have derived an expression for month name and want to sort month names.

No option in the sort tab is working properly.

Can anyone help me on this.

Thanks & Regards


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Re: Custom sort order

I've used an inline table to establish an "original" sort order, then assigned this in the properties tab.

Sample inline:  List the values of the field in the order you want them to be sorted (where I have value 1, value 2.....)


Load * Inline [


value 1

value 2

value 3



Then, go into your Chart properties, in the "Sort" tab and check box "Load Order" , and select "Original" from drop-down.

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Re: Custom sort order

You need to use real date-fields like month(date) which returned a dual-field with a string-interpretation like 'oct' for the current month and 10 as numeric value - and this could be sorted numeric in each object.

In general should be all date-fields dual and/or as doubled fields (string + numeric) - it avoids many problems by matching and calculating data against periods if you have numeric fields for them. I think this would be very helpful for you: How to use - Master-Calendar and Date-Values

- Marcus

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Re: Custom sort order

Hi Joseph,

I created inline table and used that for sort order and it worked.

Thank you..