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Dashboard Report

Good Morning,

I am an intermediate user of Qlikview, i want to have a report that if i select a particular Table of Field on the Dashboard it should only affect few reports on the Page.

For Example, if i select Sales Date, i dont want it to affect company On Hand Report. i have tried using detach but its not working.

Any help please.

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Re: Dashboard Report

Hi Omotayo,

You need to nullify  those fileds which you not require in that  table:

You can simply nullify within set  example:

Sum({<[Sales Date]=>}Value)


Arvind Patil

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Re: Dashboard Report


You can also use {1} in your expressions. So you completely get rid of the other filters.

Sum({1} sales_2017)


Re: Dashboard Report

Hello Omotayo -

You have received some great answers from our community, thanks guys. In addition I would like to add that this concept is known as Set Analysis - and it is very powerful expression syntax that helps you restrict measures to a specific set of data that you define.

You can learn more about it here - in Part 1 and Part 2

A Beginners' Introduction to Set Analysis (video)

Hope this helps as well.

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