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Getting more focus on clicking chart

Hi people,

Did you know if it's possibile to get more specific focus (zoom, more relief) when clicking in a chart? If's not, did you have any other suggestion to get more relevance when clicking in chart?

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Re: Getting more focus on clicking chart

Hi there,

Within QV, there is the 'lassoing' feature, which allows you to narrow down your selection of data by selecting a part of your chart. The data shown will be the same, you'll just have less data.

To go back, you click the 'back' or 'clear all' button.

Just clicking in a chart will not trigger anything else.



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Re: Getting more focus on clicking chart

Humm.. thank for you response but what I'm trying to look up isn't that
I am trying to have more zoom to the chart selected, to puto more destak on it.

I don't know if is possible to achieve that

Thank you for your time

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