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Grouping data in my pivottable

Hi Guys,

I have a question about the following:

I have this table with 100+ organizations and their data. What i would like is to show the top 30 performers and group the rest as 'other' which should be the sum of the last 70+ organizations.

I hope my question is clear and you guys can help me out.

(I am using a pivot table btw)

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Grouping data in my pivottable

hi you can do it using a calculated dimension

something like


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Re: Grouping data in my pivottable


This is a start, however when i use the rank function the table now shows the orgname, however i want to see the revenue from that organization.

Also this doesnt show a new 'grouped' row where i can see how much the other revenue is grouped together. Below you can see what happened.

QV voorbeeld.JPG


Re: Grouping data in my pivottable

what i sent you should be used in the dimension with this change


than in the expression you can use sum(revenue)

however the above method will display the top 30 performers in the whole time frame you are looking at

and not on a week by week basic