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Contributor III
Contributor III

Min() function in if() Condition

How can we use min() function inside if() condition.

The expression I m using is:

if((GetSelectedCount(Quarters)=0 and [Fiscal Year]=min([Fiscal Year])

Not working fine.

Kindly Help.

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Creator III
Creator III

Hi Divyanshi,

I would recommend using a variable:

vMinFiscalYear as Min(FiscalYear)

Then using

if((GetSelectedCount(Quarters)=0 and [Fiscal Year]=$(vMinFiscalYear))

Hope this helps

Contributor III
Contributor III

If this expression is a condition, then you shouldn't use a dimension that have no a single value in all selections, try with only([Fiscal Year])=min([Fiscal Year]) or substringcount(concat(distinct [Fiscal Year],'|'),text(min([Fiscal Year])))>0 and so on. The conditional expression have to be dimensional sense. I hope this hint will be helpful.