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RANK formula is not ranking in the correct order

This is my first post having only joined the forum today.  I am also new to using QlikView.  Be gentle!

This concerns the Rank formula for ranking recruitment.  I want the Rank and Rank(adj) columns to rank the entries based on the Raw Recruitment Total and Adjusted Recruitment Total columns, respectively.  However, the order of the rankings is incorrect.  For example, looking at the Raw Recruitment, the second highest recruitment total is ranked 9 when it should be 2.

The screen shots below show how the pivot table has been set up.  What am I doing wrong?  Many thanks, Parkes84




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Re: RANK formula is not ranking in the correct order


Welcome to Qlikview. Can I suggest that when you post script or expressions that you post them as text rather than as images. This makes it easy to copy to examine and/or modify.

I dont think you need the Aggr() form of these expressions, just use Rank(Sum....)). But if you do use the Aggr(), then it must include all the dimensions from the chart in the Aggr dimension list.

I have just noticed that you are using the Rank in the dimension (and that's why you needed the rank) - try doing it as an expression instead.

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Re: RANK formula is not ranking in the correct order

Thank you for your reply Jonathan.  I have since solved the issue but to be truthful, I cannot remember how I remedied it although I suspect I just added in another aspect to the set analysis.


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