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Straight Table networkdays


I tried to use networkdays in straight table, but failed as below :

The field dy use previous field (FSTatusDate) and TransmDate(field created by script)

I need to calculate the day different between FStatusDate & TransmDate (without counting week end).


Thank you.



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Re: Straight Table networkdays

Well, it would be good to see also the actual values of your expressions / fields you are using in networkdays() function.

Or even better, could you post a small sample QVW that demonstrates your issue?

In general, check that FStatusDate precedes TransmDate:

networkdays (start:date, end_date {, holiday})

Returns the number of working days (Monday-Friday) between and including start_date and end_date taking into account any optionally listed holidays. All parameters should be valid dates or timestamps.

And also double check that FStatusDate reference as well as TransmDate return a value to your expression, and only a single value:

=FStatusDate & ' - ' & TransmDate

Note also that one of your expressions uses TransmDate as expression label.

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