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add new column in Qlikview converter


I want to add a new field that is '[Can Inv ind]' in my qlikview converter.

While doing this i am getting field not found error.

Kindly help me to resolve this problem.

Pls find below the script


// 1. Convert TXT2QVD



For each TextFile in filelist ('ZSD_0082_*.txt')




from $(TextFile) (ansi, txt, delimiter is '|', embedded labels, header is 68 lines, no quotes, filters(

Remove(Col, Pos(Top, 1))


//where isnum([Inv. no.]);

where isnum([Reff.Doc No]);

LET x = TextFile;

Let y = mid(x,index(x,'\',-1)+1,len(x)-4-index(x,'\',-1));

store DUMP into _dump_$(y).qvd;



  rowno() as id_dsr

  ,year(date#(Inv.date,'DD.MM.YYYY')) as Year

  ,num(year(date(date#(Inv.date,'DD.MM.YYYY'),'DD.MM.YYYY'))&mid(date(date#(Inv.date,'DD.MM.YYYY'),'DD.MM.YYYY'),4,2)) as month

  ,month(date#(Inv.date,'DD.MM.YYYY')) as Month




  week(date#(Inv.date,'DD.MM.YYYY'))) as Week

  ,left(CMU,2) as Plant

  ,left([SO Name],3) as SU

  ,if(right([Cash Disc.],1) = '-',evaluate(1.00*left([Cash Disc.],len([Cash Disc.])-1)),1.00*[Cash Disc.]) as [Cash Disc.]

  ,if(right([QDInv Rs/%],1) = '-',evaluate(1.00*left([QDInv Rs/%],len([QDInv Rs/%])-1)),1.00*[QDInv Rs/%]) as [QDInv Rs/%]

  ,date#(Inv.date,'DD.MM.YYYY') as Inv.date

  , num(year(date(date#(Inv.date,'DD.MM.YYYY'),'DD.MM.YYYY'))&mid(date(date#(Inv.date,'DD.MM.YYYY'),'DD.MM.YYYY'),4,2))&COC as key_allocation

  , num(year(date(date#(Inv.date,'DD.MM.YYYY'),'DD.MM.YYYY'))&mid(date(date#(Inv.date,'DD.MM.YYYY'),'DD.MM.YYYY'),4,2))&[Sold-To Code] as key_lakshya

  , [Sold-To Code]&Plnt&[Material Code] as key_pending_orders

// =====================================================================================================================================================================



// ,CG2 // GMU better take the first three letters of the area offices, these sales unit are linked to the customer



  ,[SO Name]

  //,[Sales Dist.] //Warehouse as linked to the customer

  ,COC as Cnty



  ,[City Name]


  ,[Sold-To Code]

  ,[Sold-To Name]

  ,[Ship-To Code]

  ,[Ship-To Name]

// ,Delcreder // Not used

  ,[Sh SGrp] // Sgr= District officer


  ,[Cust Grp]


  ,[Plant Name]


  ,[CMU Desc.]

  //, right([CMU Desc.],2) as Rail_or_Road

// ,MG2 as prod_grp // not to be used

  ,[Material Code]

  ,[Material Desc]


  , [Reff.Doc No] as [Inv. no.]


// ,ShC // always "0"


  ,MODE as Trnsp




// ,Tx as x_Tx // Tax related, to be ignored

// ,Inv.date as x_Inv_Date


  ,[Gross Price]

// ,[Cash Disc.]

// ,[QDInv Rs/%]

// ,[TDInv Rs/%.] // always 0


// ,[C&FInv] // always 0

// ,Octroi // always 0

// ,BarrTax // always 0

// ,AGT // always 0

// ,EntryTax // always 0

  ,[Net Bill Price]





  ,[Basic Exc]

  ,[Edu Cess]


  ,[Base Price]

// ,[QDAcrRs/%] // always 0

// ,[TDAcrRs/%] // always 0

// ,[ADAcrRs/%] // always 0





  ,[SecFrt Z1AF]


// ,OctAcr // always 0

// ,BarTaxAcr // always 0




  // ,Survey.chrgs // always 0

  // ,[Port Chrgs] // always 0

  ,[Can Inv ind]

resident DUMP;

store DSR into dsr_$(y).qvd;

drop tables DUMP, DSR;

Next TextFile;

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Re: add new column in Qlikview converter

The new field should exist in the DUMP table or you should assign a value to it yourself:

,'SomeDefaultValueHere' as [Can Inv ind]

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