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qlik-auth how to get dynamic user object into the request var

I am using the alik-auth library for node js which is now authenticating ok but only with the statically predefined user object.

This url is running on port 8000 and this url is directly accessed by the qlik virtual proxy.

How exactly do I get a user object in the node request var?

    http.createServer(function (req, res) {


    var profile = {

    "UserDirectory": "dir",

    "UserId": "usd",


    {"type": "a type", "value": "a value"},




    var options = {

    Certificate: './client.pfx',

    PassPhrase: 'dev',

    includeTicket: false,

    BackUrl: 'http://ip/login.php',



    qlikauth.requestTicket(req, res, profile, options);


    }).listen(port, '');

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