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How to use QlikView Cyclic Group in Qlik NPrinting 17+ Templates


How to use QlikView Cyclic Group in Qlik NPrinting 17+ Templates

This tutorial illustrates how to use QlikView objects with cyclic group in Qlik NPrinting templates. QlikView cyclic group are explained in the help site page https://help.qlik.com/en-US/qlikview/November2017/Subsystems/Client/Content/Nonhierarchic_groups_cyc...

We will insert a QlikView straight table, with a dimension that uses a cyclic group, in a Qlik NPrinting template as whole table but it works also if you insert only some columns. In both cases we will set a specific value of the cyclic group to be used.

Start by creating a new Excel template and open it in the Qlik NPrinting Designer. Then add a QlikView straigh table with a cyclic group as a table. For example add the CH305 from Sales Demo.qvw.


Click on the dimension with the cyclic group. Be sure that the properties are visible, otherwise open them.


Click on the Use This Group Field drop down menu and select a value, for example CategoryName.


Darg and drop the whole table tag into the template. Add a title, for example Category, and format it as you prefer.

Add again the same object, CH305, in the Tables node and select the dimension with the cyclic group.


In the Use This Group Field drop down menu select a different value, for example Country. Than drag and drop the CH305_1 whole table tag in the template and add a title.


Run a report preview.


Create charts by using Cyclic Groups

You can use Tables with Cyclic Groups as sources for native Excel charts. In this case you must drag and drop single column tags as you can see in the following screenshots.



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Very popular question on this forum. Thanks for the refresher Ruggero!

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