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This group hosts information related to the Qlik Deployment Framework (QDF). Providing best practices, libraries and utilities that facilitate the recommended setup and management of QlikView or Qlik Sense environments. An understanding of the Qlik platform is recommended before joining this group. Download QDF and documentation here: https://github.com/QlikDeploymentFramework/Qlik-Deployment-Framework/releases

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Evaluation of setup


In our Qlikview system we use QDF. We have a TST,ACC,PRD server setup and the same containers exist in all 3. Development is done in TST and then we copy over files to ACC and PRD when deploy of the applications are done.

We want to evaluate a setup where development is done in PRD instead of TST for one of our containers. The development would take place in a separate container from existing one (basically we want to create a copy of existing container).

So for ex. Lets say we have container nr1 and we have a new copy of the container called nr2 setup would look something like below.

TST       ACC       PRD
1            1             1 (no development),2 (copy of 1 and here we do the development). When a deploy is to be done we will copy the files from nr 2 container to container 1 in TST and then on to ACC and PRD (to container 1 to).

I want to know if this is doable and if so how to create the setup. Here are some of the questionmarks i have.

- I assume i can not just copy the containerfolder to create the new one due to Qlikview deployment framework. I should instead create a new container with QDF first and copy the files from the other container right?

- Will i have a problem if the filenames are the same in the containers (1 and 2 in PRD)?

- We will also need to have reload jobs etc setup for some of the qvw:s in the new containercopy. Is that an issue outside timing on when the jobs run (compared to the other container)

- Are there any other problems you foresee with this setup?

Thx in advance.

Regards Mats

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Re: Evaluation of setup

Hi Mats, should not be any problem as long as you are using the global variables within the apps you can move them back and forth within the same tier. You can actuary copy and rename a container, you just need to update the container map adding the url and a unique container name, like "Sales_test" afterwards using the Deploy tool. Hope that this helps Regards Magnus 

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Re: Evaluation of setup

Thx Magnus 🙂