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How was your experience Qlik Sense Business Analyst - v2 exam?

Dear friends;

I decided to study for the Qlik Sense Business Analyst Certification v2 exam | QS_BA2;

I chose version 2 because it is still available in the Portuguese language, where I feel more at ease;

I have experience in other certifications, and I know that each institution applies different methods;

I would like to know of you who have already taken the exam, how was the experience?

What did you use to prepare?

     I'm using:





How was the question model?

     Objective, case study, scenarios, mixed ...

What questions were asked?

     API, Mashups, Set Analysis ...

What were the difficulties?

The answers will help to define my course of study, being more effective.

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Re: How was your experience Qlik Sense Business Analyst - v2 exam?