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how to make this bar chart.

I have bar chart.

How to show two value in bar chart with waterfall design.

example- 1st value- 477.2,0.9,2.3,475.7,465.1,450.0

                2nd value-3 .11,3.12,3.12,3.10

Please help....

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Re: how to make this bar chart.

May be provide the raw data behind this view and may be we can help you create something similar to above

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Re: how to make this bar chart.

Its very huge data. can't share.

Re: how to make this bar chart.

May be few 100 rows of anonymous data or share a sample qvw following these directions

Preparing examples for Upload - Reduction and Data Scrambling

Uploading a Sample

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Re: how to make this bar chart.


Here i give same example  where faced problem.

Type,                  value1,           value2
PW ending AUM, 100,               8
Cashflow,              30
market,                  20
CW ending AUM,  90,                7
QTD Avg aum,      70,                6
Q3 16 avg aum,    50,                8

i create bar chart.


here i want to show value2 data will appear on top of value1 bar.

cashflow and market data also waterfall format.

Like my previous original chart.

Re: how to make this bar chart.

The waterfall logic is this?

100 - 30 + 20 = 90?

PW ending - Cashflow + market = CW ending?