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Want to learn what it's like using the Qlik Cloud Platform as a "user"? Check out this webinar recording to learn more and experience the art of the possible using the Qlik Cloud Platform.

Hey Guys

This is a webinar / presentation extract from the Do More with Qlik Webinar series. "A Day in the life of a Qlik Cloud User" covers many features and capabilities of the Qlik Cloud Platform that can be used to explore your data, take action on your findings and make informed business decisions.

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The video covers many different capabilities of the Qlik Cloud Platform.

00:00 - Introduction
00:32 - Topics to be covered
02:34 - Alerts, Notifications & Qlik Sense Mobile - Scenario Setup
Let's prevent cancellation of unfulfilled orders! (starting your day )
08:39 - Qlik Sense SaaS Hub
09:40 - Launch a Qlik Sense app - App Overview, Sheets
10:00 - Order Fulfillment Dashboard - Identify the issue, Alert the Staff! (setting variables, kicking off real-time app automation workflows to process notifications, operational report distribution)
16:23 - Data Storytelling - Collect what we learned to present to our management team
18:50 - Let's see how our sales are doing - Current Month Analysis - Explore and Discover
19:50 - Time to take action - Collaborative Notes - Let's tell that Sales Rep "Stop with the discounts!"
22:50 - Ways at presenting the data / information -
25:00 - selections - green, white, gray
28:00 - Insight Advisor - natural language queries - auto chart suggestions
29:45 - link to external applications
30:40 - Global Smart Search
31:24 - share, export charts, pdf, images, excel, iframe, links, email
33:50 - Insight Advisor Analysis Types
37:00 - Explore - creating alerts
38:50 - Insight Advisor - natural language questions - sales guy is taking advantage of discounts (switch back and forth)
39:52 - linking to external applications - KPI drill to another sheet
41:36 - saving selection states - bookmarks
43:00 - changing variables, goal and performance tracking