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I have written several posts on Angular.js and the Capabilites API which are based on the template GitHub - yianni-ververis/capabilities-api-angular-template: A simple mvc template for building webpa...

In this one I will use the Capabilities API app.getObject and use it the Angular way as a directive.

The only code that you will need is in the html to add the object id and the height of the object:

<get-object qvid="'298bbd6d-f23d-4469-94a2-df243d680e0c'" id="'298bbd6d-f23d-4469-94a2-df243d680e0c'" height="400"></get-object>

If you want to disable interactions you can just add the attribute interaction="false" like below

<get-object qvid="'298bbd6d-f23d-4469-94a2-df243d680e0c'" id="'298bbd6d-f23d-4469-94a2-df243d680e0c'" height="400" interaction="false"></get-object>

The rest are handled by the app!

This directive also covers the memory management issue that I blogged about, Angularjs and Capabilities API - Memory management and "qv-collapsed-listbox-delegated-open" error, by closing all of the objects on navigation.

Just make sure you add the location change after the api.destroyObjects() method is resolved like


  $location.url('/' + page);


Branch: http://branch.qlik.com/#!/project/56b4a40140a985c431a64b08

Git: GitHub - yianni-ververis/capabilities-api-angular-template: A simple mvc template for building webpa...


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Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Yianni

I've developed an app using your angular github template. Since upgrading QlikSense the map object doesn't show in my mashup when using the getObject directive above. Bar charts, Tables, pie charts all appear fine however.

Any ideas why this is happening to maps objects?

I've created a blank mashup using the mashup editor and the map displays correctly