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Welcome to Tuesday's edition of the Qlik Design Blog. In this entry I have the pleasure of introducing some fine work created by Clint Carr, Principal Enterprise Architect at Qlik based in Melbourne Victoria Australia. Clint has shared a document he created that outlines the procedures to automating a Qlik Sense Enterprise deployment in the cloud. Using hosted services such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.

10-2-2018 10-51-56 AM.png

Qlik Sense Enterprise is a superbly thorough and versatile analytics platform. So much so, that it is even possible to create automated

  deployment scenarios using software such as HashiCorp Terraform‌ and our Qlik Sense Enterprise software available from cloud marketplaces such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.  Terraform is an open source tool that enables you to create infrastructure (machines and applications) based on configuration files in a safe and predictable fashion. This approach ensures the same deployment is performed each time it is executed.

For an in depth look, see the attached PDF document for prerequisites and a step by step approach to setting up this type of configuration.

Some benefits of this approach include:

  • Consistency and repeat-ability
  • Reduce risk
  • Knowledge is shared - the process is not owned by one individual
  • Documented approach with source code to deploying Qlik Sense
  • Quick and efficient installations - saving time and money

We'd like to thank Clint for this most valuable contribution. I will field comments questions and direct them to Clint where applicable, so please post them as you see fit. We'd love to hear from you.

About Clint Carr:

0.jpgClint is an Enterprise Architect in the Global Enablement, Architecture and Research (GEAR) team at Qlik.  GEAR is considered a pre-sales swat team of sorts, tasked with working on the largest of Qlik's prospective customers, performing enablement for the field (pre-sales and consulting) and creating tools and products that enable the field to be better equipped to deal with their day to day tasks.  His current focus is on DevOps, integration and cloud native technologies. In the five years he has worked at Qlik Clint has held various roles. Starting as a presales architect then moving into a consulting role as a Technical Architect before joining the GEAR team. Clint has been involved in some of the largest of Qlik's customers both in Australia and internationally helping them to realize the value in the platform.