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      Hi guys - in my recent post - Take a Tour of Our New Cloud-based editions of Qlik Sense - I gave you a tour of the various interface components and sections of our cloud-based editions of Qlik Sense. If you have not watched Part 1 and Part 2 yet, I suggest you do before watching this BONUS video. To recap, in the tour video I briefly touched on the topic of Spaces.  Spaces are the way you secure, organize, manage and publish your Qlik Sense apps.  I explained that there is waaaaay...more to be discussed on this topic and that it would be better if it had its own video. Well, that is what we have here today - this is your BONUS video that dives in a bit deeper to Shared and Managed Spaces. 


Within the cloud-based editions of Qlik Sense we have not only introduced a new user experience with the Hub, but we also added new content management capabilities directly in the Hub where apps are stored, shared and published to what we call - Shared and Managed Spaces. Please note that this video is a bit longer than my normal videos, but well worth the watch as I cover Spaces, roles, permissions and demonstrate the results using various user accounts. Thanks for watching and please post your comments and questions below.



Mike Tarallo



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