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In this detailed demonstration video, you will see how Qlik Sense SaaS, offers a true Active Intelligence solution to contact tracing. (Active Intelligence is a new paradigm, creating in-the-moment awareness about every aspect of your business. It delivers a state of continuous intelligence from real-time, up-to-date information designed to trigger immediate actions.)



BUT First
.....I'd like to introduce you to Tomilayo Komolafe. Tomilayo or as many call him "Tomi",  is a Qlik Solutions Architect whom specializes in data science, focusing on statistical modeling and machine learning projects with industry applications.  You will see a lot more from Tomi and I as we are teaming up to bring you a new series of Qlik Sense solution-oriented content that focuses on problems, exploration, discovery and outcomes, rather than just presenting features and capabilities. After working together to prepare content, I was extremely impressed with Tomi's real-world in-the-trenches expertise which is invaluable. I'm really excited to be sharing this with you all today and look forward to more in the future. In his debut to the Qlik Design Blog, Tomi brings you a detailed video demonstration of a contact tracing solution running on Qlik Sense SaaS.  I first will setup the content and context - the video is below. Enjoy!


What is contact tracing?

In public health, contact tracing is the process of identification of persons who may have come into contact with an infected person ("contacts") and subsequent collection of further information about these contacts. By tracing the contacts of infected individuals, testing them for infection, isolating or treating the infected and tracing their contacts in turn, public health aims to reduce infections in the population. Diseases for which contact tracing is commonly performed include tuberculosis, vaccine-preventable infections like measles, sexually transmitted infections (including HIV), blood-borne infections, Ebola, some serious bacterial infections, and novel virus infections (e.g. SARS-CoV, H1N1, and SARS-CoV-2).

The goals of contact tracing are:

  • To interrupt ongoing transmission and reduce the spread of an infection
  • To alert contacts to the possibility of infection and offer preventive services or prophylactic care
  • To offer diagnosis, counseling and treatment to already infected individuals
  • If the infection is treatable, to help prevent reinfection of the originally infected patient
    To learn about the epidemiology of a disease in a particular population


Contact Tracing with Qlik Sense SaaS

Contact tracing is very important in this new era, especially with the re-emergence of COVID across different regions. This demonstration shows how Qlik Sense SaaS makes contact tracing attainable for any organization.

The demo flow:

An employee has just been diagnosed with COVID, and once her information is entered into an excel workbook on a shared folder, an alert is immediately created. The corresponding manager receives this alert and further explores this issue using Qlik Sense Insight Advisor Chat. Information obtained is then followed up by a business analyst to act on. The analyst utilizes the Qlik Sense SaaS hub and is able to dive deeper to gain additional insights. The analyst then leverages Qlik's unique associative capabilities to determine what other employees might have also been exposed.

As you will see - Qlik Sense SaaS delivers continuous intelligence derived from data, specifically designed to trigger immediate actions - and this is what we call Active Intelligence. 

Contact Tracing Demonstration
(sample data only - no actual employee information was used in the making of this video)

Can't see the video? YouTube blocked by your region or organization? Download the .mp4 file attached to this blog to watch on your computer or mobile device.


Contact Tracing: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contact_tracing

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This app is so cool. Great Job Tomi!


Such a great way to use Qlik creatively - nice job, Tomi! 

Contributor II
Contributor II

Thanks for sharing. Can you tell me where to find that chord diagram chart. 


@RRamos , this is called a Dependency Wheel Extension and here's the link. The link worked when I checked on 4/7/2021