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      Hi guys – I have some great news to share in preparation for our annual customer and partner conference, Qlik World, formerly known as Qonnections. For the first time, you will now be able to immediately join the discussion with those attending QlikWorld - including Qlik’s team of experts - on event-related content and events – all via our Qlik Community forum.

We have created a new forum in the Qlik Community where you can post questions, view Qlik World documents and learn more about the informative sessions you may want to attend. You will have inside access to many of the Qlik World key topics and themes to be presented, giving insight into our 2020 direction. There will be a selection of Qlik employees available to “Qonnect” with – whether they are product specific or event related, who will have the answers for you! . You can also subscribe to boards in the Qlik World forum to be notified of content that is published.

Areas available:

   • Data Analytics Platform
   • Data Integration Platform
   • Data Literacy
   • Customer Success & Use Cases
   • Customer Success & Data Literacy
   • Technical Training & Certifications
   • Event Info
   • Panel & Round Table Sessions
   • Partner Success & Integration

So get connected, be involved and share your ideas with your peers and Qlik’s data and analytics experts who are passionate about Qlik's platform, transforming business processes and driving data-driven insights. This forum will get you energized and ready for Qlik’s largest customer and partner event of the year. Let’s start a discussion.

Join me in the QlikWorld forum today.

Check it out!

Register for QlikWorld here.

BTW - here is a shameless plug - check out what I'll be up to at QlikWorld - have a question? Let us know, we'll do our best to answer. 

Hope to see you there!

Mike Tarallo - Twitter