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Some people claim that data can save the world. Although that’s probably true to some extent, the demo app I’m introducing today, Gas Stations‌ app, has a humbler goal, it can help you to save some money (if you happen to be in Spain).




The Qlik team in Spain has been gathering gas price data for over four years now, and has created one of the most comprehensives gas price data tools out there built in Qlik Sense. We are using only a fraction of it contents to create this demo app.


The Gas Stations demo app features a calculator that helps users understand how slight changes in gas prices per liter can have an impact on the large scale.




Gas prices in Spain – and I guess anywhere else – present a compact distribution across all suppliers. In my example, I’m checking for Gas 98 prices in Barcelona, as of today the difference from the cheapest to the more expensive gas station is 0.304 euros per liter, which doesn’t look like a big deal.


To help anyone to understand the impact of small price-per-liter differences, we are mashing up the gas prices data obtained from Spanish Ministry of Industry webpage with fuel tank’s car capacity data collected from car makers.


The Gas Stations app let users search for their vehicle maker and model and indicate how many gas tanks per month they consume. With that extra information, a user can finally see what the price-per-litter gap really means.


For example, picking the right Gas Station to fill up a car’s fuel tank in Barcelona comes to 70,53 euros/month of potential savings for someone driving a Volkswagen Tiguan that runs on Gas 98 and consumes four fuel tanks.




And since picking the right gas station can have a significant impact on our pockets by the end of the month, the app includes a detailed map of all the gas stations in Spain. Users can filter down to a region and check the exact location of each gas station, and the legend color indicates the cheapest gas stations.


If you can't use public transportation to get you to your destination, and driving your car is the only option available for you, then do yourself a favor and use our Gas Station app, it will help you save a significant amount of money that you could use to contribute to save the planet.




Enjoy it!

Arturo Muñoz (@arturoqv)