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1 f6YOV8dKjI9lXCC7TUpjIQ.pngImagine having a suite of proven tools and technologies built for developers by developers that allows you to build highly-scalable, cloud ready solutions using the power of the Qlik Associative Engine. Well, imagine no longer last Friday, 4/6,  we released the Beta of Qlik Core. Qlik Core is a development platform built on top of the Qlik Associative Engine. With Qlik Core, you can take advantage of the powerful associative indexing engine from Qlik to build your custom data exploration and data visualization solutions.

Please note that Qlik Core is a product - but it is not something you simply download and install with an installer. It works with technologies such as Node.js, Docker and Kubernetes and development knowledge of working with APIs is a prerequisite.  To learn more about the Qlik Core Beta and to get started watch this brief video below and visit https://branch-blog.qlik.com/introducing-qlik-core-beta-30221d627132 - where our product manager John Trigg provides some more of the particulars. You can also visit the many getting started resources here https://qlikcore.com/.

This brief video below is a short promotional video designed to briefly introduce Qlik Core.

Introducing Qlik Core


Michael Tarallo (@mtarallo) | Twitter


Can't see the video? YouTube blocked by your region or organization? Download the .mp4 to view on your computer or mobile device.

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Contributor III
Contributor III

This looks very nice! I'm curious, though -- are there things unique to Qlik Core that current Qlik Sense Enterprise license holders don't already have access to? After skimming through the documentation, I felt like all the features in Qlik Core are things we already have access to through the Engine API using our current Sense Enterprise license. At our company, we are currently using the APIs to make calls from a home-grown application housed in Docker to the Engines to surface results and visualizations to the users. Granted, it's a rat's nest of code and a headache to troubleshoot, and so maybe Qlik Core would streamline some of that, but functionally it looks very similar to what is now being offered in Core. Could you elaborate on this and on what gap this product fills?

Thanks, as always, for your continued efforts to push the boundaries of what Qlik can do!


Hi Evan - great question - I am gathering additional detail for you. One thing to note is that the current flavor of Qlik Sense Enterprise (Associative Engine - included) runs only on a Windows platform. With Qlik Core - you are running the Qlik Associative Engine in containers on Linux - with the ability to scale and orchestrate the Engine using tools like Docker and Kubernetes. In regards to functionality - on the surface - the associaitve difference is using the same technology - however you are developing the UI with our libraries and or embedding / integrating components as part of a data driven application - hosted anywhere. This product is basically for developers to create custom solutions. Imagine instead of buying a car ready to run, I gave you all the parts of the car that can be mixed and matched with your own imagination and other components. You basically can create whatever you can imagine. I will update the comments, when I hear back from the products team. Thanks for your question.


Hi Michael,

This looks very promising indeed! I am looking forward to hearing more about Qlik Core official release (is there any information/roadmap/date in regards to "public/production release" of Qlik Core?).  I am assuming it will be presented during Qonnections 2018 and we will learn little bit more there.

I am going to dig into BETA to understand components little bit more and see how they work. Cant wait to see "hello engine".

To be frank - we just had a project/poc where Qlik Core would be a PERFECT fit - so there is definitely need for it.





i'm facing the below error running hello-data application

> core-get-started@0.0.1 hello-data C:\Disco_D\myJOBS\QlikCore\core-get-started-master

> node ./src/hello-data/hello-data.js


Creating table data representation.

Creating and opening session using mixin.

Woops! An error occurred. { type: 'Loading Error',

  message: 'Cannot open file: \'lib://d2f8f-8d54e-b69df-a2acdee46b52/movies.csv\'',

  item: undefined,


   { qErrorString: 'Cannot open file: \'lib://d2f8f-8d54e-b69df-a2acdee46b52/movies.csv\'',

     qLineEnd: '\r\n',

     qLine: '"Movies":\nLOAD\n  "Movie" AS "Movie",\n  "Year" AS "Year",\n  "Adjusted Costs" AS "Adjusted Costs",\n  "Description" AS "Description",\n  "Image" AS "Image"\nFROM [lib://d2f8f-8d54e-b69df-a2acdee46b52/movies.csv]\n(txt, delimiter is \',\')',

     qErrorDataCode: 'EDC_ERROR',

     qMessage: { qMessageCode: 11020, qMessageParameters: [Array] } } }


npm ERR! errno 1

npm ERR! core-get-started@0.0.1 hello-data: `node ./src/hello-data/hello-data.js`

npm ERR! Exit status 1

npm ERR!

npm ERR! Failed at the core-get-started@0.0.1 hello-data script.

npm ERR! This is probably not a problem with npm. There is likely additional logging output above.


what's the cause of this error?

anyone can help me to understand why is happening?

Many Thanks in advance.




solved running    docker-compose up --build    command


Hi Lech - thanks for the comment - yes - I am sure more will be discussed / announced at Qonnections.