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Introducing the Qlik Scalability Tool

Hello Qlik Community, in this post our guest blogger and Principal Enterprise Architect, Marcus Spitzmiller, joins us again to introduce the Qlik Scalability Tool and the brief video series he created that addresses it. Marcus is a member of the Qlik Enterprise Architecture team focusing on enterprise deployments and best practices.  His areas of expertise include scalability and performance, deployment best practices, integration, and security.

Qlik Scalability Tool

The Qlik Scalability Tool (https://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-8878) is a tool for easy creation, execution and analysis of load and performance tests.  Our friends in Qlik's Scalability Labs in Lund, Sweden created this tool, and the reason I like it is because it already “knows” about how Qlik Sense works. It is aware of the concepts like the Hub, sheets, list boxes, and of course, charts, so creating test scripts that simulate users interacting Qlik Sense is easy.  In fact, it is the same tool we used to benchmark servers in these documents:

How it Works

The Scalability Tool works by simulating virtual users making selections in a Qlik Sense application.  The Scalability Tool itself captures results into log files, as does Qlik Sense along with performance counter information, and that information is loaded into a Qlik application (https://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-15451) used to review and analyze.  In the Qlik application, you can see things like CPU and RAM utilization, response times, and much more.

Video Series

I created a three part video series (https://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-16750) to help you get started so you can learn more and see it in action.

Please remember that this is more of a jump start and it isn’t intended to be comprehensive. The documentation that comes along with the Scalability Tool does that.


Marcus Spitzmiller

Master Principal Enterprise Architect, Qlik



Am trying to use QlikSense Scalability tool for APril 2018 versions. 

Was able to successfully setup Tool and result analyzer.

Have faced below issues/questions while executing.

1. Added "Change Sheet" action to the test script. and clicked on Execute. getting below messages 

"no datapages found in layout for object scalability tool". This page has Out of Box and Climber Container extension. COuld you please help resole this issue.

2. Can QlikSense Scalability tool read and execute Extensions.?

3. PLease help with videos/ tutorials on how to create test sripts? have seen the 3 part videos but some more extensive examples and test script for reference will really help.


Thanks and Regards,




Can you provide feedback here if there is a specific NPrinting tool available? 
I haven't seen anything specific to NPrinting.

Also as mentioned by @shah_jigesh16 that some of the links above are broken since migrating to the new community portal.

Kind regards...