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Let's Play Some What-If Games with the Dashboard Bundle -Variable Input (video)

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The Qlik Sense November 2018 release was delivered with a great selection of components contributed by our valued partners and Qlik employees. These Qlik certified components help increase user interaction and simplify navigation in your Qlik Sense apps. Many users I have spoken with love the ability to create What-If scenarios to view potential estimates and see how their metrics are affected. In this video I walk you through a simple scenario using the Variable Input object, represented as a slider, which you should be able to apply to more complex and sophisticated expressions.

Take a moment and think of the possibilities, look under the hood. Data visualization alone is insufficient. Data analytics is NOT just about presenting data = anyone can do that;  it's about finding answers and exploring data freely without restriction and uncovering hidden relationships; ONLY Qlik can do that! 



Variable Input Extension


Here is a simple use case that helps me identify an acceptable profit margin when costs increase and pricing of items fluctuate using the same approach.

eBay Profit Margin Estimator


Mike Tarallo