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The Qlik Sense November 2018 release was delivered with a great selection of components contributed by our valued partners and Qlik employees. These Qlik certified components help increase user interaction and simplify navigation in your Qlik Sense apps. Many users I have spoken with love the ability to create What-If scenarios to view potential estimates and see how their metrics are affected. In this video I walk you through a simple scenario using the Variable Input object, represented as a slider, which you should be able to apply to more complex and sophisticated expressions.

Take a moment and think of the possibilities, look under the hood. Data visualization alone is insufficient. Data analytics is NOT just about presenting data = anyone can do that;  it's about finding answers and exploring data freely without restriction and uncovering hidden relationships; ONLY Qlik can do that! 



Variable Input Extension


Here is a simple use case that helps me identify an acceptable profit margin when costs increase and pricing of items fluctuate using the same approach.

eBay Profit Margin Estimator


Mike Tarallo

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Mike thank you for referring me to this blog. however, our company is still using the june 2018 version. Also, the question i asked you via email is kinda similar to this solution but i think there is a few difference.

in my situation, i have two text boxes titled transaction in USD. the user have to input two values(lower and upper limits) and the the data will be sorted according the the vendor that matched those values.

i hope this makes sense.

thank you in advance. Screenshot (154) (1).png