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Hey guys - a large percentage of my time is spent showcasing all the great features and capabilities that Qlik products have to offer. BUT usually, a small percentage shows how they all work or fit together. I feel that telling stories and showing a process from beginning to end, all while keeping it brief and simple is the best way to introduce a topic of interest. In this brief 2 min video, I take you from monitoring, to exploring, to the creation of an intelligent alert to get notified of changes in your data.


(Video transcript attached below)

Granted, some of these examples I use can be seen as an oversimplification in the grand scheme of things - but are they really an oversimplification? Just because the data is based on a collection of video games is it really different than that of stocks, or products for sale, or insurance portfolios, or pharmaceuticals, logistics, healthcare data etc.  you get my point. Data is a combination of time, measures, locations, categories, expressions - basically the numerical components along with the who, what, when and where etc. and when made ready for analysis it can answer your questions that will help make informed decisions or identify problems to be addressed, or processes that should be repeated. 

For this example and others I have created, it just so happens that this data speaks to me, it is interesting and it allows me to understand all the features, capabilities and possibilities with Qlik Sense to allow me to share them with you in an easy to explain fashion and perhaps in a manner that you can relate to.  I recommend everyone use a dataset that they love and  want to know more about when learning all the new features or functions that Qlik Sense has to offer. 

Tell me what you think and if so - tell me what datasets you use and find interesting to help you understand Qlik Sense.

Features shown in this video:



Hey @Michael_Tarallo that's great! Love the demo, no example is too simple when demoing the power of Qlik!

Re sharing alerts, do they need to be licensed users within Qlik SaaS or can it be anyone? I presume they'll need license, and if I am correct, can users who have an Analyser Capacity recieve alerts? 


Hi Carl - thanks for your comment and question. 

Only licensed users - analyzer or professional can receive alerts. 

An Analyzer licenses can only create self-service alerts - but cannot specify recipients. 

Hope this helps!