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#QlikHighlights2018 Twitter Giveaway - Tell me Your Qlik 2018 Highlights




Wow! - feels so weird to be back in the saddle after some much needed time off. Smiley Surprised  Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and that 2019 proves to be a wonderful year for you all.


Similar to the Twitter contest I ran last year – I’d like to do the same this year as well. I want you to share your most interesting Qlik highlights or discoveries during 2018! We want to know what excited you about Qlik in 2018.  It could be your favorite feature, capability, product release, event, industry success, team member etc. - whatever you feel made a difference for you, for others, for an industry or organization.


Of course you can post them here in the comments below - BUT if you would like to participate in my personal giveaway, for a chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Code, post a tweet using Twitter http://twitter.com/ with your 2018 Qlik highlight or discovery and tag me using @mtarallo along with the hashtag: #QlikHighlights2018. You will then be entered into a reviewed, random drawing to receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card(claim code). Make it interesting, share a screenshot (if you can), even post one of those Twitter .GIFs expressing your feelings. Keep it clean, engaging and sophisticated.  Smiley Very Happy


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My 2018 Qlik Highlight - Data Literacy


Now of course I can't end this without sharing my 2018 Qlik Highlight. This is the hard part. There were so many things I can select from - oh and I'll be mentioning many of them in my year in review post later this month, but I think the Qlik 2018 highlight for me was not about a product or new feature or technology but rather Qlik's initiative to focus on improving Data Literacy in the workplace for many organizations. Data literacy can be defined as the ability to read, work with, analyze and argue with data. It's a skill which empowers workers to ask the right questions of data and machines, build knowledge, make decisions and communicate meaning with others. Yet research shows that those leading the business are struggling to master it, and there's a widespread deficiency in data confidence. Qlik along with other partners has participated in the Data Literacy Project; a global community dedicated to building a data-literate culture for all. Each partner has created  resources and programs to help one improve their data skills, or nurture expertise inside your organization. Qlik has created a series of free courses designed to make you data literate so you can analyze data with confidence. I think this speaks volumes about how Qlik engages with its employees, customers and partners by not only making data analytics software but by providing assistance and resources on a topic that is designed to help you work with the great technology it produces. 


If you would like to learn more about Qlik's Data Literacy Initiative check out these great resources:


 Thanks guys - let's toast to a great 2019! Cheers!



Mike Tarallo (Tweet me)



Twitter Giveaway Official Rules


Winner will be announced on Twitter by @mtarallo on February 5th 2019 in the Tuesday edition of the Qlik Design Blog. Entry must be an interesting or valid Qlik highlight or discovery. Non-qualifying entries will be discarded and the next entry will be selected at random. Contest starts Tuesday Jan 8 2019 and ends on Thursday Jan 31 2019. We want to hear from you so get to tweeting! Only valid to participants where Amazon shipping is available.