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Hey guys - it's What's New in Qlik Sense time and I have prepared a brief video to share some of the awesome highlights in our next release Qlik Sense April 2018.

Highlights include:

Assisted data visualization with Qlik Sense chart suggestions / recommendations

Qlik Sense recommendations make it easier to create a visualization by allowing you to simply drag and drop fields onto your sheets. Chart suggestions are created using the Cognitive Engine in Qlik, which leverages insights from the data loaded and combines them with best practices for data visualization.

NEW Grid Size control

Now with the creation of a new sheet, the application author can choose between 3 grid sizes - small, medium and large.

Maps visualizations improvements

Qlik Sense April 2018 features significant improvements to the built-in maps visualization:

  • Support for multiple layers.
  • Labels for point layers and area layers.
  • Quick look up of countries, divisions, cities, postal code areas.
  • Circle select with distance measure.
  • Drill down support.
  • Layer control, zoom limit and draw order.
  • English or local name in the background map.

Publishing an app from the hub

In Qlik Sense April 2018 you can publish an app that you have created to any stream for which you have publish access. If you have published an app to a stream, you can move your app between the streams for which you have permission to publish.

Qlik Geocoding
A new subscription service part of the Qlik GeoAnalytics product package, that allows you to coordinate geo lookups all the way down to the street level.

Also included:

Keyboard navigation support for Qlik Sense hub

To improve accessibility, Qlik Sense hub now supports keyboard navigation and shortcuts.

Linking Qlik Sense Mobile to third-party applications

Qlik Sense Mobile can now interact with third party mobile applications through a custom generated URL (deep link). The link can be embedded within the third party mobile application, with appropriate selections and filters. Clicking the link opens the app in Qlik Sense Mobile with the filters and selections that were applied during original presentation. As a result, user experience is improved and context is provided when interacting with the app.

Enable anonymous users to export data

From Qlik Sense April 2018 anonymous users can print and export data.

For a complete list of fixes and improvements check out the release notes in the Qlik Help site.

You can download it from our customer downloads site or play with it right now on http://qlikcloud.com/.

Note: Our amazing product content and media team has also produced a number of updated videos supporting this release, check them out here on the Qlik Help YouTube channel:

Qlik Sense April 2018 Playlist

Can't see the video? YouTube blocked by your region or organization? Download the attached .mp4 to play on your computer or mobile device.

Additional resources:


Michael Tarallo (@mtarallo) | Twitter



Hi Mike

I want to be sure about what's the meanning of having Geoanalytics Base with Qlik Sense April 2018.

With Qlik Sense april 2018 includes all the 17 operations? or our clients still have to buy the Geoanalytics base for them?

thanks for your response


Hi Maria -

Thanks for your question - in short - we have updated our current map object based-off the Qlik GeoAnalytics Technology - future version will include more enhancements - but it is not meant to replace Base at the moment. Currently April 2018 only supports Area Map and Bubble Map - multi-layer and on the fly lookups and no upper data limits. I have added patricn‌ to the thread to verify future mapping functionality going forward. Patric?


thanks Mike!!!


I have a Sense Enterprise environment where upgrading to April 2018 broke the data connections pane (to the right in the script editor).

I went from November-17 to April-18, all was fine according to the installer, but after restarting in April-18, the data connections never appear. Just a never ending spinning circle. Been looking through (a lot of) log files, can''t find any indication of what's going on.

Any ideas of what would be causing this, and what the solution is?

I will try doing a repair (using the same April-18 installer) and see if that helps.


Hi Göran,

Does your server have an internet connection?


Yup, there is Internet connectivity.

Repairing using the installers made no difference.

I can however view the data connections when using Firefox instead of Chrome. It takes a long time (ca a minute instead of the normal few seconds) before the data connections appear in Firefox, but they do get there. In Chrome they never show up at all.

I've also cleared all Chrome history (cookies etc) to rule out such issues.

Nothing changed on the servers or client used to access the servers. Only change was that I upgraded to April-18, which makes me slightly worried there are bugs or at least breaking changes in April-18 (or Feb-18, as I went straight from Nov-17 to April-18).

I'll keep poking around in this, hopefully finding a solution that can be shared (if others too have run into this issue)