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By today an ordinary human being would had been exposed to probably dozens of lists about several and arbitrary topics. For sure we all have read classics lists such as the best movies of 2015, the 25 books of the year, or top 10 songs of 2015, but on the internet, we can go much further than that and even have a list of lists.

I don’t want this year to end without sharing with you a list of the best posts of the year. But let me give you some numbers first.

This year 2015, 10 authors wrote 72 posts (not including this one) and a total of 36.756 words were written. We wrote the word "Qlik" 323 times during 2015 making an impressive average of 4.5 times per post! You, on the other hand, participated by commenting 619 times (8.6 comments per post of average), thanks a lot for that, we really appreciate your comments.

Most popular posts in 2015

Most read/visited posts

  1. A Primer on Set Analysis. ‌Set analysis, the most powerful and sometimes complex thing in Qlik, in this post, HIC brilliantly explains what Set Analysis is and walks us through it with simple examples.
  2. Using Qlik Sense Analytics to Get in Shape. Jason Yeung reveals how he used Qlik Sense to track and better understand his fitness activity.
  3. Qlik Sense – Date & Time. Jennell describes what is and how to work with the new Date and Time fields in Qlik Sense.
  4. The search string.‌ QlikView search capabilities illustrated with detail, I bet you didn't know a bunch of the available search modifiers.
  5. How to embed a Qlik Sense Chart on your website. When I wrote this post it was the best way to share a chart, now it's still a good way to share it internally within your company or integrate it in a web page, but since the introduction of Qlik Cloud, we have better sharing options available.

Most commented posts of the year

Something interesting is going on in these posts.

  1. The search string.
  2. A Myth about the Number of Hops. HIC tears down a false myth once again, really interesting lecture.
  3. Excluding values in Set Analysis.‌ Including values in Set Analysis conditions is easy but what about excluding values?
  4. Evaluate() Function‌. Discover what's Evaluate(), how to use it, explore examples, and more.
  5. The As-Of Table. Are you trapped in calculating rolling averages and other accumulations? Then, don't miss this post.

Most liked and bookmarked content

Both strongly correlated.

  1. A Primer on Set Analysis.
  2. The As-Of Table.
  3. The search string.
  4. Dates in Set Analysis. Yet another post on Set Analysis, this time, HIC gets inside out with dates.
  5. Excluding values in Set Analysis.

The underdogs 2015

I can't finish the last post of the year without a selection of not-so-popular posts (yet), that deserve some more attention.

  1. Mode Function. Do you know what Mode() does? well, it's simple but might be an interesting addition for your next project.
  2. Qlik Sense Search Cheat Sheet Some of the information needs we face every day don't require complex expressions or customized charts, sometimes a good use of search can help you to visualize what you was looking for.
  3. Qlik Dev Hub replaces Qlik Sense Workbench in Qlik Sense 2.1 Maybe a small step but a very important one in Developers' world.
  4. Mashup Editor - Toggle charts with jquery‌‌ Do you miss the good old QlikView container object? Well, Yiannis have created a tutorial to bring it back to life in Qlik Sense.
  5. Qlik Sense SAML - A standardized approach to authentication Learn what SAML is and how to implement it with Qlik Sense

Hope you all have a great end of the year!