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qdt-components - Horizontal Barchart by Picasso.js & Selection Toolbar


Continuing our blog series on the qdt-components (qdt-components - A Components Library that can be used in simple Html, Angular 5 and React‌ & qdt-components - React template by fka), today, I will talk about two new components, the Horizontal Barchart, created with Enigma.js and Picasso.js and the Selection Toolbar that we usually use in our mashups (demos.qlik.com & webapps.qlik.com).

The Selection Toolbar is a simple component that listens to selections and displays the selected items either as simple buttons or if there are more than one items selected for the same field, as a dropdowns with buttons.

2018-03-02 19_51_43-Simple html with qdt-components.png

The Horizontal Barchart is using the latest Qlik Open Source, Picasso.js. It has a Tooltip with Dimension and Measure and multiple selections.

2018-03-02 19_56_39-Simple html with qdt-components.png

Also, we use Leonardo UI (https://qlik-oss.github.io/leonardo-ui/index.html) for icons, buttons etc..

Live: Simple html with qdt-components

qtd-components: https://github.com/qlik-demo-team/qdt-components

Enjoy ,


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