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New data is being created everyday as we carry on our daily activities and interact with the world. There is possibly no industry that doesn’t deal with data.  Exponential growth of data opens the door of opportunities and the competitive advantage to those who know who to use it.  A data-informed mindset is essential to deliver the insights and transform organizations. 

When you base decisions on data, are you sure you are using the right data?  

Are you sure you are asking the right questions of the data?  

Are you confident in turning business questions into analytical questions

Are you challenging assumptions you have with the data? Are you sure you have enough context from the data to ensure it is not telling you only part of the story

Are you confident in using techniques to help mitigate any unconscious bias you may have when interpreting the data and insights? 

With Qlik’s Analytics Expert Program “Applied Data Analytics using Qlik Sense”,  you will not only learn data analytics best practices but also learn how to achieve a data-informed mindset that shifts you from just looking for data and information to looking for insights and knowledge.  

You will learn best practices in data analytics, data literacy and data-informed decision making that help you make the most effective use of Qlik Sense.  In just 15 weeks, you will be on your way to become a leader in developing a data-driven culture in your organization.  

Learn More and Register to get started and save your spot today!

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